The concept that drives this piece was derived from the stark contradiction between urban and natural programs.  Skateboarding and a large car park are inherently urban, while the sport of rock climbing is derived from the natural environment.  The project focused on a unification of these paradoxical elements through folding.  The natural environment folds up from the ground, turning into the rock wall, and extending through the rest of the structure.  While the skate park and car park alternate levels folding over each other.  The site allowed for the manifestation of the natural fold.  The undeveloped forest is contradictory to the traditional location of a skate park.  This contradiction accentuates the disparities between the two folds of the building.

This folding allows for cross programming, in which the upper level of the car park is accessed by a ramp that crosses through the indoor skate park, whilst the outdoor skate park is accessed via a ramp from the upper level of parking.  A bike trail (cross country skiing trail in the winter) enters the back of the building, where bikers can stop into a cafĂ© and store.