The medium used in construction highly influences the final design of a structure and is readily apparent in the design of this urban recreational center.  

The main design feature of the project was a study in the use of stacked members of corrugated cardboard. Cardboard strips were cut on different angles, resulting in varying angles in the cladding of the façade. This angulation is used to direct light into and out of the building, while also allowing the inhabitants to experi¬ence a layering of views as they move through the structure.. 

More prominent and public areas such as the café, skate park, and shop are given more light while private areas such as the restrooms maintain their privacy with less light by increasing the angulation of the façade.

Certain staged views are created and unfold as the building is traversed.

The stairways provide a shift in prospective as the path bends throughout the structure. This parallax is created uniquely through the façade of the building. The façade of the roof also distorts how light enters the building throughout the day. The differing angulations and the north/south orientation allow for direct sun¬light to permeate certain areas of the building throughout the day.