The M1 Detroit Depot employs long-span timber construction, combined with standard steel frame construction for the adjacent offices. Six feet in height, glulam beams spanning across the short section of the train shed, provide the building’s main structural system. The design is inspired from Renzo Piano’s Menil Collection and the Kimbell Art Museum.  

The depot’s beams extend ten feet over the structure’s main, southward facing façade, terminated on bolted attachments to large wood columns. The overhang design incorporates an elegant transition from interior to exterior space, mimicking the continuous movement of trains in and out of the structure.  This project was completed with Evan Bruetsch, Monica Griffin, and Patricia Hazle.  My roles included drawing plans, creating the axon of bay system, developing the three dimensional model, and drawing section details.

With its elegant manipulation of structural systems, and its outward extending glulam design, the M1 Detroit Depot seeks to connect the city of Detroit to its vital railways.