Inspiration can be found anywhere.  Architects must maintain a perceptive view on the world.  Knowledge that is seemingly irrelevant may end up being a critical driver in a projects design.  The following page outlines a sample of my extraneous educational pursuits.  An understanding of soil mechanics, water flow, or concrete mixtures may seem unimportant to an architect, but topics like these can be used to generate architectural narratives.  It is an architect’s duty to understand as much as possible so they can apply their knowledge in their work. While completing laboratories I often used my design skills to create an attractive report.

Fluid Mechanics Introductory Lab: Pressure and Buoyancy

Fluid Mechanics Introductory Lab: Flow Visualization and Potential Flow Theory

Structural Engineering Lab: Moment, Shear, and Stress on Loaded Members

Geotechnical Engineering Lab: Gradation Analyses and Soil Classification

Concrete Engineering Lab: Aggregate Design

Hydrology Lab: Frequency Analysis and Flooding Risk