Architecture is developed.  The design process is iterative.  The shiny renderings and tight lines of a finished project are the result of many, sometimes messy, design studies.  Through these studies, an architect can make discoveries.  The following section includes rough studies.  Even though they would not be included in a finished product, their production is invaluable to an architect’s craft.

Sketchbook Notes

Mapping Study

Study drawn to analyze the High Arctic politics and conflicts that are emerging as the ice begins to recede north.

Collage Study

Image: The Northwest Passage, Nunavut, Canada []

Study drawn to analyze and understand the High Arctic environment

Sketch Model

High Arctic Housing Sketch Model (Paper and basswood)

Building Study

Freehand sketch of Biomedical Science Research Building in Ann Arbor Michigan

Fill Site Study

Sketch render of facade in site

Sketch model of facade in site

Collage study of fill site layout

Foundation Assessment

Calculation of concrete foundation area for project cost estimation

Form Study

Study of geometric and volumetric relationships

Pier Study

Collage study of potential design for Navy Pier renovation